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VitHit release a new flavour to their range, PERFORM with Mango and Passionfruit, Matcha Tea and Amino Acids. Naturally you will be able to order it as part of our VitHit box.

If you missed our Simon on BBC Oxford Foodie Friday show with the wonderful Kat Orman, worry not you can listen right here.


Foodylicious are very aware of its social responsibility we want and encourage our people to put something back and helping marginalised groups in the UK. Our main focus is homelessness which as a team we all try and do something about. Homelessness can effect anyone at any time. Whether that be through changes in family circumstance/illness / leaving the armed forces or just a run of bad luck. Many of these people just need a chance and some stability in their life and we at Foodylicious aim to give that help in offering paid work experience in our business. For example working on a stand with consumers and so that people can get that all important “foot on the first run” of the work ladder.

We are proud to be associated with the Oxford based organisation for the homeless The Gatehouse. Keep watching this site and our Facebook page as to our initiatives….