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Take your pick from our delicious selection of Salty Dog or Darling Spuds crisps and Gruntled Pork Scratchings. All three ranges are the crispy brain-children of snack entrepreneurs Judy and Dave Willis.

Salty Dog was conceived as a quirky range of feisty flavoured crisps named in honour of their enthusiastic junior partner, a little terrier puppy called Ruby. All their potatoes are of the highest pedigree. They are hand-cooked in sunflower oil for extra bite, and seasoned with deliciously punchy flavours.

Darling Spuds is the result of Judy’s determination to create a more wholesome, all natural snack to satisfy the growing demand for healthier food. All crisps are gluten-free, vegetarian friendly, completely free of any unsavoury GMO’s, and of course totally delicious.

Gruntled is the guilt free way to enjoy pork scratchings! They’ve taken the finest pork and cooked it twice, which makes it lighter and less tooth breaking than traditional scratchings They’ve then seasoned it with completely natural flavours, making sure that there’s nothing unsavoury like gluten or MSG in the bag.

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